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I sounded my other child as well as informed her ahead over. He's often such a vibrant feline and also is consistently bringing birds and computer mice in.

'Currently I have actually had to get him a litter tray considering that I don't wish to compel him outside due to the fact that he's obtained no fur in any way..

'He's been groomed a few times as well as he's been fine every single time. She told me Ollie was such a disgrace she had actually needed to shave his entire physical body', she stated..

She added: 'I have actually checked out that it takes four to 6 months for his fur to expand back. He's even been cut a little little bit before on his side which's it. Exactly what's he supposed to do up until then? Exactly how dare they do that to him and they call me up as well as ask for an added 15.'.

'Never ever at one point did they state to me "I'm going to cut your pet cat from head to foot"..

'We've been on the phone again to them as well as they have provided us our refund of 65 as well as an ONE HUNDRED gift coupon for the shop. In the past though he had fur to cover it but (this moment) they left Ollie looking outrageous.

'I just feel really guilty and like it's my fault for sending him for cleaning.'.

Owner: Natalie Thompson, 25, raged when her pet cat Ollie was cut completely bald after his pet grooming.

Ruined: Ollie, usually a dynamic and fun feline, has actually not been himself considering that he was sheared from head to foot.

DOG NEARLY BLINDED AFTER CLEANING AT PETS AT HOUSE In March this year, Terry Maughan, 20, from Norton paid 36 for his 20-month-old West Highland terrier Snowbell to have the therapy.

But when he took his precious pooch residence he was stunned to see the pet dog struggling to take a breath and also unable to open her eyes.

Mr Maughan, a home builder, rushed Snowbell to the vets where they discovered she had actually suffered a hypersensitive response to the hair shampoo..

Ollie was taken right into the pet establishment in Gateshead by Natalie's mommy Aileen, 55 on Sunday, July 19..

She obtained a call around an hour as well as a fifty percent after dropping him at the store and was informed she would have to pay an added 15 since of the knots in its fur.

She then went back to the shop as well as asked her 15-year-old boy to run in and also gather him..

But when he ran out grasping Ollie he was 'white' and also 'could not even talk'..

She then called the store and also demanded a description about just what had actually taken place..

'I called and also claimed "just what the hell have you done to my pet cat?" But the lady on the phone was so abrupt and also I was nearly sobbing. I can not explain it - he's merely not himself.

'He's cuddling into each edge in our home, probably to maintain warm. They were pawing him around so I had to obtain him off the beaten track..

'Ollie merely kind of looks a bit shed, he looks actually unfortunate.



11:07 GMT, 27 July 2015.

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Four-year-old pet cat Ollie was cut from head to foot in a grooming sessionOwner Natalie Thompson, 25, cried when she saw just what had happenedSaid Ollie was 'often outgoing' yet has actually been left 'distraught' after shaveAllegedly informed to 'purchase him a jumper' after they declined 65 refundBy.

A family has actually been left distraught after their fluffy pet cat was sheared from head to foot during a regular pet grooming session.

Proprietor Natalie Thompson, 25, raged when her pet cat Ollie was cut completely hairless following his 50 spruce-up at the Gateshead branch of Animals in the house..

When she was reunited with her four-year-old animal she wept as Ollie looked so traumatised by exactly what had taken place.

Cut: Four-year-old cat Ollie was left totally bald complying with a routine pet grooming session at Pet dogs At Residence.

Happier times: Ollie made use of to be a fluffy ball of energy but has been left traumatised since the incident.

Ms Thompson, a preparing engineer from Newcastle, claimed: 'When I saw exactly what they had actually done to Ollie I merely sobbed my eyes out. I stated to them "I don't want your cash". I was distraught. He's not quit shivering either so he's visiting the vets.'.

Chilly: Ollie has actually been seen curling up into a sphere in the edge of our home after he was cut hairless.

She included: 'Prior to his cut he was consistently wandering around timberland near our residence. It's not regarding the cash for the error yet they replied "well you could go as well as purchase him a jumper to place on.".

'Everybody that has actually come round right here merely could not believe it. He's used to having so much hair so going from that to nothing must be a huge shock. She claimed I mored than exaggerating and afterwards she came round and burst right into rips.'.

A representative for Animals At Home told MailOnline: 'Felines have a quite fragile skin which could be conveniently torn or ruined..

'So when a feline has a matted layer like Ollie's it is sometimes necessary to clip the coat extremely close, using clippers created particularly for usage with felines, to stay clear of triggering any kind of damage to its skin..

'Although our terms and conditions highlight that a close clip could be required for the welfare of the pet when it's layer is matted, we appreciate that this can be fairly upsetting for an owner, specifically if it isn't really what they were expecting..

'We have apologised to Ollie's owner for not describing specifically just what would certainly be associated with clipping his matted coat as well as have actually supplied to reimburse the price of the groom in complete, with each other with a motion of goodwill for the upset caused.'.

Thomas Burrows for MailOnline.


08:15 GMT, 27 July 2015. He looked anxious and also a mess..

'He is generally an outward bound pet cat however that has actually all transformed given that the incident and he appears traumatised..

'We have 2 pet dogs also and they do not identify him at all.

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