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Organizers just like Jason Beurkens come up with Conserve 2500 Lake Michigan Drive petition, GoFundMe as well as Facebook pages.

Its kind of a difficult one for the main reason that these people no longer very own it, they've this mental attachment to it, and a large quantity of folks recognize that it's part of the fabric in the Westside and also does want to preserve it, mentioned Suzanne Schulz, Grand Rapids Planning director.

The planning commission felt the home was integral for the neighborhood and also which it should stay, stated Schulz.

Dubiel informed FOX 17 she ended up being married there 10 years ago this September. Ultimately, the metropolis commissiontook no further action.

Preserving homes like this, along along with other historically important things, must be considered a priority in the city, especially here in Grand Rapids, a city that will specifically honors its history and culture, Beurkens said.

But now crews still demolish what is left.

Community members additionally rallied. NW will live on inside treasured memories.

After many many years of debate,the property owners had been offered permission to turn the particular 140-year-old ornate home in to an open green space.

Covenant Village provides certainly not released virtually any plans upon developing the particular area for that future.

The Board regarding Zoning Appeals ultimately approved demolition, after which the city commission appointed any study committee to review if the residence ought in order to be designated as historic. Your contribution that it had on the Westside is the fact that it had been very visible: iconic with the yellow residence with most the white trim.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. a historic residence which sat along Lake Michigan Drive NW in Grand Rapids has become reduced to be able to rubble, despite efforts in order in order to save it.

To Katie Dubiel, the girl childhood residence at 2500 Lake Michigan Dr. The Girl calls your iconic home the girl parents labor associated with love: decades invested restoring ornate fixtures matching the actual antique homes era.. Dubiel stated Find Out More her father sold their house towards the neighboring retirement community, Covenant Village of the Excellent Lakes, in the large event it became also hard to are living there after her mother passed. Whenever Covenant Village officials applied twice to turn the particular residence straight into green space, Schulz mentioned the particular department and also area debated preserving it with regard to years.

The home to me is actually kind of the symbol of that all round philosophy weve had of attempting to maintain great residential structures within the city, said Schulz

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